Water Aid


#WorldToiletDay happens on 19 November, to mark the day, l worked with ︎wateraid on an amazing project and exhibition at the ︎trumanbrewery, London - #OutOfOrder. 

My brief was to comment on the physical abuse that these women face day to day as a result of no access to a private and safe toilet. I created a screen printed wallpaper to be pasted onto the ‘cubicle’ walls. The repeat pattern feels as crouded as possible. The women are in danger yet they are fiercely dignified and urge us to fight against their oppressors. 

1 in 3 women and girls worldwide don’t have a private, decent toilet. Women like Kajal from Nihura Basti in India. She lives on army land and when the community started to build toilets, the soldiers knocked them down.

So now she’s back to having to go to the toilet in the open, with lots of men around — sometimes they try and take photos of them on their phones. Managing periods without privacy is even more challenging for her.

Out of Order video:


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Screen-printing process.