Colours Hoxton


Zodiac is now running at Colours Hoxton until the 17th April 2021. Prints available here

This exhibition centres around feminine energy and the divine guidance we channel to better understand ourselves and the world around us. In Zodiac, I strive to piece together the elements that make up each sun sign to capture the energy, mood and personality of each.  

I found inspiration in tarot cards; in the elements; in the animal that finds itself entwined with each sign; in the colours that represent our personality; in the stones; in the parts of nature that best reflect us.

While you’re viewing this work, I invite you to consider and embrace your own feminine energy and the shapes and forms it takes in your life: your strength, your resilience and your power. Does your sign reflect back at you parts of yourself? Is there another sign that you connect with more?

This show is a celebration of femininity, sexuality, passion, creativity, sensitivity, intuition and diversity; dedicated to womxn.

When I began working on Zodiac, I challenged my own perceptions of each sign. How did I feel about Pisces people? Why did I believe that all Leos were fiery? What is it about Saggitarius people that I relate to so wholly? I then immersed myself in the experience of understanding the factors that make up each sign; the building blocks of our very essence.